Monday, April 20, 2015

Karmapa to Visit France

May all beings be blessed by his visit and attain the merit to see him in this very life!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quote to Help Women Understand Themselves

"An independent woman is a contradiction in terms. For woman's chief want is to feel that she is wanted. Therefore it is that with women, cruelty is more easily borne than coldness. Indeed, It is astonishing how much downright cruelty a woman will stand from the man she loves or has loved. What women admire is a subtle combination of forcefulness and gentleness. If a woman has to choose between forcefulness and gentleness, always she will sacrifice the latter." - Arnold Haultain

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eight Verses of Training the Mind

Eight Verses of Training the Mind

by Geshe Langri Thangpa

By thinking of all sentient beings
As more precious than a wish-fulfilling jewel
For accomplishing the highest aim,
I will always hold them dear.

Whenever I’m in the company of others,
I will regard myself as the lowest among all,
And from the depths of my heart
Cherish others as supreme.

In my every action, I will watch my mind,
And the moment destructive emotions arise,
I will confront them strongly and avert them,
Since they will hurt both me and others.

Whenever I see ill-natured beings,
Or those overwhelmed by heavy misdeeds or suffering,
I will cherish them as something rare,
As though I’d found a priceless treasure.

Whenever someone out of envy
Does me wrong by attacking or belittling me,
I will take defeat upon myself,
And give the victory to others.

Even when someone I have helped,
Or in whom I have placed great hopes
Mistreats me very unjustly,
I will view that person as a true spiritual teacher.

In brief, directly or indirectly,
I will offer help and happiness to all my mothers,
And secretly take upon myself
All their hurt and suffering.

I will learn to keep all these practices
Untainted by thoughts of the eight worldly concerns.
May I recognize all things as like illusions,
And, without attachment, gain freedom from bondage.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

Everything — appearance and existence, samsara and nirvana — Has a single Ground, yet two paths and two fruitions, And magically displays as Awareness or unawareness.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer, may all beings become Buddhas, Completely perfected in the abode of the Dharmadhatu.
The Ground of all is uncompounded, And the self-arising Great Expanse, beyond expression, Has neither the name ‘samsara’ nor ‘nirvana’. Realizing just this, you are a Buddha; Not realizing this, you are a being wandering in samsara.
I pray that all you beings of the three realms May realize the true meaning of the inexpressible Ground. I, Kuntuzangpo, have realized the truth of this Ground, Free from cause and condition, Which is just this self-arising Awareness.
It is unstained by outer expression and inner thought, Affirmation or denial, and is not defiled By the darkness of unmindfulness. Thus this self-manifesting display is free from defects.
I, Kuntuzangpo, abide as Intrinsic Awareness. Even though the three realms were to be destroyed, there is no fear.
There is no attachment to the five desirable qualities of sense objects. In self-arising consciousness, free of thoughts, There is neither solid form nor the five poisons. In the unceasing clarity of Awareness, Singular in essence, there yet arises the display of the five wisdoms.
From the ripening of these five wisdoms, The five original Buddha families emerge, And through the expanse of their wisdom The forty-two peaceful Buddhas appear. Through the arising power of the five wisdoms The sixty wrathful Herukas manifest. Thus the Ground Awareness is never mistaken or wrong.
I, Kuntuzangpo, am the original Buddha of all, And through this prayer of mine May all you beings who wander in the three realms of samsara Realize this self-arising Awareness, And may your great wisdom spontaneously increase!
My emanations will continuously manifest In billions of unimaginable ways, Appearing in forms to help you beings who can be trained.
Through my compassionate prayer May all of you beings who wander in the three realms of samsara Escape from the six life forms!
From the beginning you beings are deluded Because you do not recognize the Awareness of the Ground. Being thus unmindful of what occurs is delusion — The very state of unawareness and the cause of going astray.
From this delusive state comes a sudden fainting away And then a subtle consciousness of wavering fear. From that wavering there arises a separation of self And the perception of others as enemies.
Gradually the tendency of separation strengthens, And from this the circle of samsara begins. Then the emotions of the five poisons develop — The actions of these emotions are endless.
You beings lack awareness because you are unmindful, And this is the basis of your going astray. Through my prayer, may all you beings recognize your Intrinsic Awareness!
Innate unawareness means unmindfulness and distraction. Imputing unawareness means dualistic thoughts towards self and others. Both kinds of unawareness are the basis for the delusion of all beings.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer May all you beings wandering in samsara Clear away the dark fog of unmindfulness, Clear away the clinging thoughts of duality! May you recognize your own Intrinsic Awareness.
Dualistic thoughts create doubt. From subtle attachment to this dualistic turn of mind Dualistic tendencies become stronger and thicker.
Food, wealth, clothes, home, and friends, The five objects of the senses, and your beloved family — All these things cause torment by creating longing and desire. These are all worldly delusions; the activities of grasping and clinging are endless.
When the fruition of attachment ripens, you are born as a hungry ghost, Tormented by coveting and desiring, miserable, starving and thirsty.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer may all you desirous and lustful beings Who have attachments, neither reject longing desires, Nor accept attachment to desires.
Let your consciousness relax in its own natural state, Then your Awareness will be able to hold its own. May you achieve the wisdom of perfect discernment!
When external objects appear, the subtle consciousness of fear will arise. From this fear, the habit of anger becomes stronger and stronger. Finally, hostility comes causing violence and murder. When the fruition of this anger ripens, you will suffer in hell by boiling and burning.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer, you beings of the six realms, When strong anger arises for you, neither reject nor accept it. Instead relax in the natural state and achieve the wisdom of clarity!
When your mind becomes full of pride There will arise thoughts of competition and humiliation. As this pride becomes stronger and stronger, You will experience the suffering of quarrels and abuse.
When the fruition of this karma ripens, you will be born in the God Realms And experience the suffering of change and falling to lower rebirths.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer, may you beings who develop pride, Let your consciousness relax in the natural state. Then your Awareness will be able to hold its own. May you achieve the wisdom of equanimity!
By Increasing the habit of duality, by praising yourself and denigrating others, Your competitive mind will lead you to jealousy and fighting, And you will be born in the jealous God Realm, where there is much killing and injury From the result of that killing, you will fall into the Hell Realm.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer, when jealousy and competitive thoughts arise, Do not grasp them as enemies. Just relax in ease, then consciousness can hold its own natural state. May you achieve the wisdom of unobstructed action!
By being distracted, careless and unmindful, You beings will become dull, foggy and forgetful By being unconscious and lazy, you will increase your ignorance And the fruition of this ignorance will be to wander helplessly in the Animal Realm.
Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer, May you beings who have fallen into the dark pit of Ignorance Shine the light of mindfulness and thereby achieve wisdom free from thought.
All you beings of the three realms are actually identical to Buddha, the Ground of all. But your misunderstanding of the Ground causes you to go astray, So you act without aim. The six karmic actions are a delusion, like a dream.
I am the Primordial Buddha here to train the six kinds of beings Through all my manifestations. Through Kuntuzangpo’s prayer may all you beings without exception Attain enlightenment in the state of Dharmadhatu.
Ah Ho!
Hereafter, whenever a very powerful yogin With his or her Awareness radiant a

nd free from delusion Recites this very powerful prayer, then all who hear it Will achieve enlightenment within three lifetimes.
During a solar or lunar eclipse, during an earthquake or when the earth rumbles, At the solstices or the new year, you should visualize Kuntuzangpo. And if you pray loudly so all can hear, Then beings of the three realms will be gradually liberated from suffering, Through the prayer of the yogin and will finally achieve enlightenment.
This prayer was taken from the ninth chapter of the Dzogchen Teachings of the Gongpa Zangthal the Northern Treasures discovered by the Terton Rigdzin Godem.
On the fifteenth day of the seventh Tibetan month in the year of the Sheep (1991) this prayer was translated by the Venerable Bhaka Tulku Rinpoche in Berkeley, California, assisted by Lunpo Urgyan Thondup.
This prayer was distributed by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche to commemorate Tibetan Losar (New Year) of the Waterhorse, February 13, 2002.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prayer for the Swift Rebirth of His Holiness Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche

Om svasti
Masters of the authentic lineage who unify the wisdom and compassion
Of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of countless worlds,
To these infallible objects of refuge, to the Three Jewels and the protectors,
We pray with reverence, one pointedly, with body, speech and mind.
Lord of Sukhavati, the embodiment of all the Buddhas,
You who manifest countless, boundless emanations everywhere,
Venerable Dharmamati (Chokyi Lodro), union of the three families,
May you reign upon the crown of all fortunate beings!
The power of your compassion comes from the expanse of your wisdom,
vast and profound.
Kindness to sentient beings is the sublime display of your emanations.
Inseparable from the three mysteries, in the manner of the lords of the three families,
Dharmamati, may your sublime emanation manifest soon!
For the benefit of infinite sentient beings throughout infinite aeons
Having perfectly accomplished the bodhisattva’s conduct and having attained
The sublime level of unity, you who manifest the activity of emanations
In infinite worlds, may you manifest soon!
Having especially upheld the tradition of Gampopa’s lineage,
You were peerless in revealing the sunlight of the Buddha’s doctrine.
Dharmamati, root and limbs of the practice lineage,
May your sublime emanation manifest soon!By the blessing of the truth of the infallible Three Jewels and
By the might of the unhindered activities of
Mahakala and his lordly consort and retinue,
May these aspirations be fulfilled exactly as they were made.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra


     Gurus and yidams, deities of the mandala,
     Buddhas of the three times in the ten directions and your sons and daughters,
     Please consider us with kindness and understanding, and
     Grant your blessing that these aspirations may be accomplished exactly as we ask.
     Sprung from the snow mountain of pure intentions and actions
     Of myself and all sentient beings without limit,
     May the river of accumulated virtue of the threefold purity
     Flow into the ocean of the four bodies of the Victorious Ones.
     So long as this is not accomplished,
     Through all my lifetimes, birth upon birth,
     May not even the words "evil deeds" and "suffering" be heard
     And may we enjoy the splendour
     and goodness of oceans of happiness and virtue.
     Having obtained the supreme freedoms
     and conjunctions of the precious human existence,
     endowed with faith, energy, and intelligence,
     Having attended on a worthy spiritual friend
     and received the pith of the holy instructions,
     May we practice these properly, just as we have received them,
     without obstacle or interruption.
     In all our lives, may we practice and enjoy the holy dharma.
     Hearing and studying the scriptures and
     reasonings free us from the obscuration of not knowing,
     Contemplating the oral instructions disperses the darkness of doubt.
     In the light born of meditation what is shines forth just as it is.
     May the brightness of the three prajnas grow in power.
     By understanding the meaning of the ground,
     which is the two truths free from the extremes of eternalism and nihilism
     And by practising the supreme path of the two accumulations,
     free from the extremes of exaggeration and denial,
     Is attained the fruit of well-being for oneself and others,
     free from the extremes of samsara and nirvana.
     May all beings meet the dharma which neither errs nor misleads.
     The ground of purification is the mind itself,
     indivisible cognitive clarity and emptiness.
     That which purifies is the great vajra yoga of mahamudra.
     What is to be purified are the adventitious,
     temporary contaminations of confusion,
     May the fruit of purification, the stainless dharmakaya, be manifest.
     Resolving doubts about the ground brings conviction in the view.
     Then keeping one's awareness unwavering in accordance with the view,
     is the subtle pith of meditation.
     Putting all aspects of meditation into practice is the supreme action.
     The view, the meditation, the action--may there be confidence in these.
     All phenomena are illusory displays of mind.
     Mind is no mind--the mind's nature is empty of any entity that is mind
     Being empty, it is unceasing and unimpeded,
     manifesting as everything whatsoever.
     Examining well, may all doubts about the ground be discerned and cut.
     Naturally manifesting appearances, that never truly exist, are confused into objects. Spontaneous
     intelligence, under the power of ignorance, is confused into a self.
     By the power of this dualistic fixation, beings wander in the realms of samsaric existence.
     May ignorance, the root of confusion, he discovered and cut.
     It is not existent--even the Victorious Ones do not see it.
     It is not nonexistent--it is the basis of all samsara and nirvana.
     This is not a contradiction, but the middle path of unity.
     May the ultimate nature of phenomena, limitless mind beyond extremes, he realised.
     If one says, "This is it," there is nothing to show.
     If one says, "This is not it," there is nothing to deny.
     The true nature of phenomena,
     which transcends conceptual understanding, is unconditioned.
     May conviction he gained in the ultimate, perfect truth.
     Not realising it, one circles in the ocean of samsara.
     If it is realised, buddha is not anything other.
     It is completely devoid of any "This is it," or "This is not it."
     May this simple secret, this ultimate essence of phenomena,
     which is the basis of everything, be realised.
     Appearance is mind and emptiness is mind.
     Realisation is mind and confusion is mind.
     Arising is mind and cessation is mind.
     May all doubts about mind be resolved.
     Not adulterating meditation with conceptual striving or mentally created meditation,
     Unmoved by the winds of everyday busyness,
     Knowing how to rest in the uncontrived, natural spontaneous flow,
     May the practice of resting in mind's true nature be skilfully sustained.
     The waves of subtle and coarse thoughts calm down by themselves in their own place,
     And the unmoving waters of mind rest naturally.
     Free from dullness, torpor, and, murkiness,
     May the ocean of shamatha be unmoving and stable.
     Looking again and again at the mind which cannot be looked at,
     The meaning which cannot be seen is vividly seen, just as it is.
     Thus cutting doubts about how it is or is not,
     May the unconfused genuine self-nature he known by self-nature itself.
     Looking at objects, the mind devoid of objects is seen;
     Looking at mind, its empty nature devoid of mind is seen;
     Looking at both of these, dualistic clinging is self-liberated.
     May the nature of mind, the clear light nature of what is, be realised.
     Free from mental fabrication, it is the great seal, mahamudra.
     Free from extremes, it is the great middle way, madhyamika.
     The consummation of everything, it is also called the great perfection, dzogchen.
     May there be confidence that by understanding one,
     the essential meaning of all is realised.
     Great bliss free from attachment is unceasing.
     Luminosity free from fixation on characteristics is unobscured.
     Nonthought transcending conceptual mind is spontaneous presence.
     May the effortless enjoyment of these experiences be continuous.
     Longing for good and clinging to experiences are self-liberated.
     Negative thoughts and confusion purify naturally in ultimate space.
     In ordinary mind there is no rejecting and accepting, loss and gain.
     May simplicity, the truth of the ultimate essence of everything, be realised.
     The true nature of beings is always buddha.
     Not realising that, they wander in endless samsara.
     For the boundless suffering of sentient beings
     May unbearable compassion be conceived in our being.
     When the energy of unbearable compassion is unceasing,
     In expressions of loving kindness,
     the truth of its essential emptiness is nakedly clear.
     This unity is the supreme unerring path.
     Inseparable from it, may we meditate day and night.
     By the power of meditation arise the eyes and supernormal perceptions,
     Sentient beings are ripened and buddha fields are perfectly purified,
     The aspirations that accomplish the qualities of a buddha are fulfilled.
     By bringing these three to utmost fruition-fulfilling,
     ripening and purifying-may utmost buddhahood be manifest.
     By the power of the compassion of the Victorious Ones of the ten directions
     and their sons and daughters,
     And by the power of all the pure virtue that exists,
     May the pure aspirations of myself and all sentient beings
     Be accomplished exactly as we wish.