Monday, October 20, 2014

Promise of the dawn

She opened her eyes today and the sun rose in them.

No difference, you see, between the dawning and her – the gentle glide of the sun around the curve of the planet, the same as the drawing back of her eyelids from her gaze.

The seer and the seen.

Draped about her, a dragon; the denizens of this place of limitless sky, sea and clear-light.

Awoken, the girl is light merging with light.

The Great Crystal Tree had awoken her – stretched out its light to touch her.

Its angels swooped, not in time with the girl, but dashing about the great tree, flying on wings of light around its branches hung with stars and planets.

The girl had slept, upon the cliff, above the ocean sharing its horizon with the clear blue sky -- but no longer.

The dawn has broken.

She is awoken.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hail! Vajrayogini, Queen of Great Bliss! Ego Slayer! I, and all sentient beings, call to you for help!

Oh! Most wise, sublime, fierce and knowing, joyously wrathfully wise Queen,
I, with all sentient beings, bow down to you in body, speech, and mind, with as much one-pointed intention and earnestness and utter respect as our inpurity allows!

Oh how inadequate are we, am I, in sculpting this request! Help us! Purify the Ego that Stains this request!

Oh may this request please you! let it be as if i and all sentient beings, held an infinite quantity of wish-fulfilling jewels out to you! Our sincere regret that we are slaves to our ego and our hope that, like the darkness vanishes when the light is lit, that you will guide us, and teach us how to dissolve self-clinging!

Your mantra is secret! It is with deepest respect and deepest shame --due to our state of illusion and delusion -- that we request, most compassionate Queen that you reveal yourself in the perfect way, to each sentient being who needs to experience you!

Like children playing with fire, we seek your guidance in uniting with you in ultimate truth!  Oh Sublime Queen, your nature is compassion, but ours is self-grasping!  Burn away the fog that obscures our understanding, oh Living Fire!

You who are the master of the flames of compassion and passion, matter, and the void, the tigress of the in-between, the warrioress who stamps on the illusion and manifests the bliss of eternity!

We are your children! Come into our hearts, burn away our self-clinging which is like a thick oil cloaking our true nature, not from you, but from ourselves!

Vajrayogini! Red Diamond! Fill our veins with lava! Melt our flesh and bones, smelt us, drink us in, let us drink you! Hold us in your belly ever safe from Mara and his legions!

Teach us! Guide us! Light the way! Oh have pity on us, we who are like moths to your flame! We are blind and can not find the way without you!

With bodies as limitless as space itself, we, all sentient beings and I, leap, stamp our feet! Swirl our consciousness, our power to manifest into one-pointed celebration and joy of you, oh terrifying diamond Queen!

Oh! May our dance delight you!

Look! The Ocean of Samsara is burning! Flames, leap high, one fire, many flames! Vajrayogini, Dance upon us! Temper us! Make if us a Pureland for you and your constort Heruka!

We are passionate! Wild! Sincere! In desperate need!

Oh, Queen of the Ruby Vajra, manifest in our hearts!

Teach us the steps of the sacred spiral! Teach us the joy of the dissolution of self!

Extinguish us! Let there be only void! Then, like a spark in tinder, leap, Oh Queen! Leap and spark us into wildfire! Transmute us! Temper us! Oh, great Alchemist! Teach us the true nature of the manifestation of fire! Spirit! Destruction! Rebirth!

It is the same!

Teach us how to burn eternally, Oh precious, beautiful, fierce and worthy Queen, all one light! Your light! One flame! Your flame!

Teach us! Teach us! Teach us! With the power of the manifestation, with the force of the great sameness composed of the illusion of the four elements, we as one beseech you to enter our hearts, minds, bodies and teach us the way to enlightenment, bliss, reality!

Oh! We are countless in our prostrations to you! In our homage and reverence! Countless Spirals and mandelas of beings in desperate peril and need, limitless, with you the centre! The port in the storm!

Oh Vajrayogini! Joyously burn us, melt us, smelt us! Purify us! So that all beings may be happy! So that we can be of aid to them and ourselves! So that all may be enlightened and go beyond, with you and all the Victorious who are one!

Queen of Great Bliss, Help us!

All merit generated from this request is dedicated to the happiness and enlightenment of all beings.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The inauguration of the Supreme Stupa built in the centre of the Wheel of Life

Oh Joy to all beings! Praise to all Buddhas! Protectors! Seekers and Finders, Stayers and Remainers, and those that have gone beyond!
Bowing deeply in reverence, I, and all sentient beings with me beseech Buddhas Dorje Chang, Tchenrezig, and Amitabha to manifest the Supreme Stupa! Hail perfect Triad of Power, Compassion and Action. 

Before these greatest of beings, I appear within the atoms of all the atoms, there is no place that I, and all sentient beings with me, are not. No place that the Supreme Three are not!
Manifest this precious Stupa we beseech you! With hands clasped, we beseech you, dedicating all our merit, and all merit that will ever be, that has ever been, that is, so that this request may be fulfilled.
With deepest compassion, we beseech you to manifest the Supreme Stupa on behalf of all beings who suffer! Ease their suffering, we beseech you with the power of the enlightened essence!

Oh Most sublime Dorje Change, manifest as the power of the Stupa we beseech you! Your strength and skill are without equal! You are the power of all the buddhas! You are the force behind the skilful manifestation of perfect, balanced mind!

Most compassionate Tchenrezig! We beseech you, with more bodies than grains of sand, be beseech you! You who are the compassion of all buddhas! Become the light that spreads throughout the Six Realms! Like moths to a flame, all who suffer will be drawn to you! Their Karma, good or bad, in common, or self-created, no longer holds sway over them! You are the ultimate attraction! The ultimate desire!

Most Skillful Amitabha! Wisdom of all the Buddhas!  Manifest as the Stupa! Oh make it your pure land, with doors wide open, wider than the branches of the Supreme Bodhi Tree, so all may enter! Let those who suffer rush into you like a mountain gale, like a storm at sea! Let this request formulated here, let this sincere wish to enter your land be the only request needed to ever be made! Let it be the request, the voice of all beings! Like children who don't know! Let this request be their mother, ushering them into your Pure Land, as if into school where there they will have the support they need to ease their suffering.

Oh! There is no doubt that this request will be granted! Such is the Skill, Power, and Compassion of the Sublime Three!  This moment is joyous! A Stupa appears! A Stupa that has always been, and always will be, now that it is, until there is no more need for it! Such is the secret of the Three Times!
It shines in the centre of the Wheel of life! The Bhavacakra!  Its pure, compassionate, wish-fulfilling light the sublime, complete,instantaneous, antidote to the suffering of the Six Domains!

To the beings who suffer due to hatred in the Hell Realms,  the light of the Supreme Stupa cuts the illusion of ego and ends the suffering! Be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha!
To the beings who suffer from the afflictions of possessiveness and desire in the Preta Realms, the light of the Supreme Stupa cuts the illusion of ego and ends the suffering! Be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha!
To the beings who suffer from stupidity and prejudice in the Animal Realms, the light of the Supreme Stupa cuts the illusion of ego and ends the suffering! Be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha!
To the beings who suffer from the afflictions of passion, desire, doubt, and pride in the Human Realm, the light of the Supreme Stupa cuts the illusion of ego and ends the suffering! Be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha!
To the beings who suffer the afflictions of egoic jealousy, envy, insincerity, struggle and combat in the Asura Realm, the light of the Supreme Stupa cuts the illusion of ego and ends the suffering! Be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha!
To the beings who abide in the Realm of Bless, the God Realm! The light of the perfect Stupa rouses you! Awaken to the Pure Lands of Amitabha and help all sentient beings!
Oh! Beautiful thing! Now it has awoken all the sleeping Buddhas, they appear in every realm, throughout the expanse of the limitless creation!
The sound of the Dharma, a whisper, a hum, a roar! Where there was silence, now there are cries of joy and bliss as the way home, the way to completion, has become manifest!
The purity of this request generates endless merit, this merit is dedicated completely on behalf of all sentient beings, such is the immense power of this merit and dedication, this request, this joy, all beings are instantly enlightened! 
May all sentient beings be endowed with happiness! 
May they all be separated from suffering and its causes! 
May they be endowed with joy, free from suffering! 
May they abide in equanimity, free from attachment or 


Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Poem in the way of Milarepa to the glorious Tchenrezik

In all of your pure lands I bow down to you,
All the hopeful, joyful, endless sentient beings bow beside me.
Mind, spirit, and body we are one in absolute devotion before He Who Holds the Conch to his Heart.

Appearing within each atom of the never ending, never beginning creation, as one all sentient beings and I, in human form manifest inside the instrument of the Buddha's voice!

Now Held preciously to your heart, we sing as one, the sound that is Tchenrezik!

All that isn't really, but appears to be, becomes your perfect form!
Our devotion combined with your ultimate compassion calls you from the beyound and into the existance.

Like the yak's horn and skillful Milarepa, our pure hearted devotion makes us equally as skillful!

Where perfect devotion and compassion meet, there is the perfect antidote to the illusion of samsara.

OH! Come now Supreme Compassionate one! Disolve into us where we stand in your Conch,  into our reverent hearts, come!

Appearing instantly in our hearts, The Conch, your pure land,  swells with sound as we, as one dissolve instantly into purity.

Compassionate and devoted ones now combined, the sacred instrument dissolves itself into clear light -- what was, becomes all that is --

No longer sound nor protential for sound, once all have passed into the truth.

No mind remains to hold the echo, no space, no time, no need.

The Bodhisattvas' vow is fulfilled!  We, who no longer can be discribed by that term, for the all has become one -- less than one, the concept of one is no longer to seperate!  That which was, but now never was, has returned to the pure bliss of the unseperated, unborn state -- uncorrupted, perfect, eternal, real.

Waiting to happen!

And so it was that blessed Milarepa cupped his ear, and listened for, not the sound that was coming, but that which would never be, and never was.

Oh the joy of that blissful song! 

Oh! Milarepa, may all experience the bliss of that eternal all-melody! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blessed Tchenrezi! Full Practice according to Dhagpo Kagyu Ling

Wonderful full Tchenrezi practice starting with the linage prayer.  Perfect rythem of the mantras, truely authentique and a sublime gift.

May all beings be happy!  I dedicate all the merit of the three times to the enlightenment of all beings.

Manifesting the Dharmakaya form I present the limitless merit of all beings to the victorious ones! Absolute and infinite, merit and true understanding form the precious wish fulfilling jewel which transcends the three times. 
All sentient beings are completely and instantly released from suffering. 

Blessed Guru Rinpoche! 7th of July, 2014!

Blessed Guru Rinpoche!

As she who manifests, I praise you! Oh sublime guide! Please turn from your perfect contemplation and gaze at your reflection in the ocean of samsara as you float above it! See how your mantra has become the waves, the ebb and flow of ceasing and grasping.

Om Ah Houng Varja Guru Padma Siddhi Houng!
Houng Siddhi Padma Varja Houng Ah Om!

Manifesting into duality, I reverently kneel before you presenting you with the pure white lilly of rebirth.

With understanding of the infinite and absolute, I tame the is, the in between and the is-not in order to praise and honour you with the heart of the lotus!  Infiniatly and absolutly I offer it to you for the enlightenment of all beings.

Share your contemplation with us oh greatest guide!

You who are the perfect sound! Let fall your tears of compassionate wisdom! Bring the discordance into your most excellent harmony.

Before the infinite and absolute ocean of Buddhas of the three times, I infinitely and absolutely sing your mantra, with absolute joy I beseech the victorious ones, to make the sacred mundras and mouth the sacred sound for the enlightenment of all beings.

An ocean within an ocean within an ocean of praise manifests!

Oh blessed teacher, I dissolve myself and all the victorious in absolute homage and appreciation for you Guru Rinpoche.  In the state of the unborn your sacred sound resonates, a perfect eternal, nevering existing lotus!


With the absolute and infinite mind, body, and spirit I, she who manifests, transforms reality into your sacred sound

Om Ah Houng Varja Guru Padma Siddhi Houng!
Houng Siddhi Padma Varja Houng Ah Om!


May all beings be happy!

Below: Sacred Lingdro Gesar dances for Guru Rinpoche!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Om ami dewa Hri! Om mani padme houng! Om varjapani Houng!

Om ami dewa hri!

Bowed down in mind and spirit, I vibrate the void with your name Amitabha and invoke you!

Om ami dewa hri! Om ami dewa hri! Om ami dewa hri! Om ami dewa hri! Om ami dewa hri!

Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri! Hri!

From the ocean of the unborn you manifest replacing the turmoil of samsara with your absolute harmony. You have no existence, you are all that exists!

White lotus swirl as you float above samsara, casting your reflection and calming the waves of suffering and grasping. Infinite and absolute! Amitabha! I bow down to you!

Where you are manifest, I am manifest singing your sound, spirit and mind focused on you in complete devotion and confession!

A spiral is formed between us, the perfect duality of devotion and blessing, student and teacher, parent and child, gathering energy, increasing the frequency of your mantra.

Chenrezig manifest! Om Mani Padme Houng!

Om Mani Padme Houng! Om Mani Padme Houng! Om Mani Padme Houng! Om Mani Padme Houng!

The void becomes the ambrosia of compassion! Amitabha is the void! I am the devotion, the sound bringer! She who invokes the void into duality and fills it will compassion with the power of infinite devotion and gratitude!

So it is Amitabha, Chenrezig and I!

Vajrapani! Om Vajrapani Hum!

Om Vajrapani Hum! Om Vajrapani Hum! Om Vajrapani Hum! Om Vajrapani Hum! Om Vajrapani Hum!

Power of the enlightened mind! I am no more! With humble mind and spirit, I request that you replace me! Although I have not been introduced to you, I beg forgiveness for such forward action in invoking you! I invoke you with upmost reverance!

Amitabha, Chenrezig, Varjapani! The three perfect sounds swirl together eternally with no beginning nor end! As surely as something that never exists, can never cease to be!

Om ami dewa Hri!

Om mani padme houng!

Om Vajrapani Hum!

That which never will be, always is!  

Guru Rinpoche bless this prayer!
Om Ah Houng Varja Guru Padma Siddhi Houng!